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Simplified Guide to Construction Law

A Simplified Guide to Construction Law gives you paragraph-sized examples of what the law allows and what it does not. You’ll find real examples (and how they can affect you) for most of what can go wrong with contracts, changes, breach of contract, torts, fraud and misrepresentation, warranty and strict liablity, construction defects, indemnity, insurance, mechanics liens, bond and bonding, statutes of limitations, arbitration, and more.

These easy-to-read examples illustrate who is right and who is wrong, according to the law. You wouldn’t drive at night with your lights off and you probably shouldn’t run your construction business with a blind eye to the law.

A Simplified Guide to Construction Law was compiled by one of the most respected practitioners of construction law. James Acret has over forty years experience in the field, participating as lead counsel and arbitrator in numerous cases, as well as representing many architects, owners, developers, and sureties during that time.

Every Contractor Will Come In Contact With The Law Sooner Or Later…. So Be The One Who Is Prepared.


  • Construction Law
  • Statutes, Ordinances, and Regulations
  • Common Law
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • How Law is Made
  • How ADR fits in
  • Appeal


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