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Trane Air Conditioning Manual

The Trane Air Conditioning Manual covers both the fundamentals and the practical application of air conditioning. It is a comprehensive textbook for the student and a valuable source and reference book for the professional. In the more than half century since its first printing in 1938, nearly 250,000 copies of the manual have found their way to the shelves of college, university and private libraries the world over. The Manual is used by some educational institutions as a basic text in air conditioning course work. It also serves as reference for those engaged in the everyday design, application and installation of environmental conditioning for both comfort and process applications.

This 70th printing of the Trane Air Conditioning Manual incorporates many changes. To keep pace with rapid technical advances, the Manual gas been completely updated and expanded. It now contains new, more accurate methods to determine heat gains; a modern presentation of psychrometry; more information of refrigeration, air distribution, comfort and indoor air quality, and completely new sections covering current air conditioning systems. Special attention has been given to make the Manual straightforward and noncommercial. In some cases, where they serve to supplement the text, illustrations of Trane products are shown. Other manufacturers’ products are also utilized.

The Trane Company believes that to better serve the industry, manufacturers should regularly disseminate technical information. This manual is an example of how Trane makes available technical information gathered through its laboratory research and testing programs, and through field experience.

Trane Air Conditioning Manual, Sixth Edition; Trane Company, 1996. [Rev. ed.] 2007


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