HVAC Continuing Education

Fulfill your CEU requirements and advance your HVAC career with an HVAC seminar from American Contractors

About Our Seminars:

  • All seminars are taught by a live instructor, with live Q&A available
  • Many courses are offered both in-person and online
  • Our students have a 91% first-time pass rate historically
  • Our books are tabbed and highlighted so you know exactly what to study
  • We teach test-taking strategy so you’ll be prepared for how the questions are asked and how to arrive at the best answer
  • Our No Pass, No Pay Guarantee means you can attend a seminar as many times as you need to within 1 year after your first one – at no additional cost.

HVAC Ongoing Education Seminars

NATE Training and Certification

Increase your earning potential and take your HVAC career to the next level by becoming NATE Certified. American Contractors is an official proctor for the NATE exam in Tennessee. Our 4-part seminar will equip you to pass the NATE test, and we’ll facilitate the test after your prep seminars are completed.

  • 4 Day Course (taught over the course of 4 weeks, once per week)w
  • In-Person Only
  • Total Class Hours: 16

HVAC Diagnosing 12 Commercial Refrigeration System

Learn how to analytically uncover and address the most common issues with commercial
refrigeration systems. Improve your skills as a technician and stay abreast of the latest tools and equipment in commercial refrigeration.

  • 1/2 Day Course
  • In-Person Only
  • Total Hours: 4
  • CEU Credits: 4

HVAC ECM Troubleshooting Workshop

The ECM Troubleshooting Workshop provides technicians with hands-on training of Genteq ECM capabilities, features, troubleshooting, and repair. Develop a deep understanding of the complex inter workings of the ECM motor, and learn how to spot common problems and address them early.

  • 1/2 Day Course
  • In-Person Only
  • Total Hours: 4
  • CEU Credits: 4

HVAC Residential Design

Learn the importance, including the economic and environmental benefits, of accurate
residential load calculation. Understand duct zoning systems and variable airflow systems. Learn all the types of residential equipment available in the market, and how to intelligently select the right type for each customer.

  • 1 Day Course
  • In-Person Only
  • Total Class Hours: 8
  • CEU Credits: 8