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New Remodeling Book – Better Homes and Gardens

New Remodeling Book: Your Complete Guide to Planning Your Dream Project by Better Homes and Gardens (Editor), Linda Hallam (Editor). First Edition, October 1998. This complete guide to remodeling puts the expertise of leading architects, residential designers, remodeling contractors, and financial experts at your fingertips. Homeowners share their recent remodeling experiences. You’ll see how various types of houses underwent dramatic transformations – whether homeowners updated a single room, reconfigured their kitchen and living space, bumped out a wall or added a wing. If you have a file of clippings of your dream bathroom, your fantasy kitchen, and your ideal sunroom, toss them aside. New Remodeling Book is packed with remodeling ideas for enhancing existing spaces, updating rooms, adding on to a home, and more. With hundreds of inspiring photographs, tips from people who have already remodeled, and countless floor plans, this book from Better Homes and Gardens is the complete guide to getting a magazine-quality home for the price you want to pay.


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