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Plumbing: Design and Installation, by Ripka

Plumbing Design and Installation is a comprehensive text used by apprentices and plumbing students to develop basic industry skills. The text thoroughly describes how to design, install, and test plumbing systems in residential and commercial settings. Topics covered include safety, tools and materials, common joints, and common plumbing systems. This Third Edition features new chapters on service, repair, and licensing. Newly updated and expanded chapters cover safety, personal protective equipment, plumbing tools, testing and inspecting plumbing systems, and press fittings for copper pipe. Service and repair procedures are incorporated throughout the text, with standard organizations consolidated into easy-to-read reference tables in the Appendix. The text also provides related plumbing facts, useful plumbing tips, and highlights key points from the content. Step-by-step procedures complement the full-color art featured throughout the text. Included with the text is a CD-ROM containing Quick Quizzes, an illustrated Glossary, and other related plumbing resources.

Plumbing by L. V. Ripka; Published by American Technical Publishers,


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