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Printreading for Welders

Printreading for Welders by Thomas E. E. Proctor, Jonathon F. Gosse, Jonathan F. Gosse, Second Edition; published by American Technical Publishers, Incorporated September 1997.

This established reference text presents an introduction to printreading fundamentals, AWS welding symbols, and related printreading activities found in industry. Topics covered include weld prints, sketching, object representation, math, weld symbol usage, joint design, pipe welding, welding metallurgy, and certification.

This new edition has been completely updated to include the following:
– New chapter on nondestructive examination symbols.
– New industrial prints and coverage of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS).
– The latest American Welding Society (AWS) standards.
– New coverage of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.
– Expanded coverage of joint preparation, brazing, and safety.

Contents include: Weld Prints; object representation; related math; welding symbols; joint design; fasteners and structural steel; welding processes; fillet welds; groove welds, back, backing, and melt-through welds; plug and slot welds; surfacing welds; edge welds; spot, seam, and stud welds; pipe welding; welding metallurgy; non-destructive examination symbols; trade tests; appendix,
glossary and index.


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