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Residential Wiringqjknk.

Residential Wiring by Gary Rockis, Second Edition, published by American Technical Publishers, Incorporated January 1994 (Soft Cover).

Many clear, easy-to-understand illustrations, including skeleton-structure art showing fixtures and connections, are included. Provides a basic overview of wiring used in residential construction. Includes various connections, switches and receptacles, metallic and nonmetallic sheathed cable, light fixtures, wiring with conduit, low-voltage systems, and remodeling. Includes two-color illustrations, 48 pages of 12 Trade Tests, and Appendix.Contents include: Electrical Careers and Terms Electrical Plans Electrical Tools and Safety Making Electrical Connections Switches and Receptacles Working with Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable Creating Electrical Systems from Electrical Plans Understanding Electrical Safety Systems Working with Metallic Sheathed Cable Wiring with Conduit Service Entrances Low Voltage Systems Remodeling, Wiring, and Testing Electrical Circuits.


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