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Steam Plant Operations, 10th Ed. (Special Order)

Steam Plant Operation by Everett B. Woodruff, Herbert Lammers, Thomas Lammers, 9th Edition; published by McGraw-Hill . A major update of the classic guide to steam power plant design, installation, operation, and maintenance. A major reference in the power field for more than 60 years, this book has been updated to give you the latest fundamentals on steam power plant systems and operation and to assist you in preparing for local operating license examinations. This clearly written book explains the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of boilers, combustion systems for firing various fuels with these boilers; the operation of turbines, condensers, cooling towers, and plant auxilliaries; environmental control systems and their requirements; features and advantages of waste-to-energy plants and material recovery for recycling facilities; and much more. Packed with manufacturers’ illustrations, tables, and sample calculations, the update of this popular resource will place at your fingertips the information you need to achieve the understanding of power plant fundamentals, greater plant productivity, efficiency, and safety. With more than 30 percent new or revised material, the Seventh Edition features: New Information on the operational characteristics of fluidized bed boilers, cogeneration plants, and steam turbines. New data on pumps, valves, condensers, feed-water heaters and treatment systems, and cooling towers. The latest safe practices and code rquirements. Means of achieving environmental emmission requirements, including the control of particulates, acid gases, and nitric oxides (NOx). Waste-to-energy methods as well as the complementary methods for the recovery and recycling of materials. Innovations in day-to-day operating procedures, including the advantages of various systems. Questions and problems at the end of each chapter.


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