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Georgia Journeyman Plumber

This license allows for the installation, maintenance, alteration, and repair of plumbing fixtures and systems under the direction of a Master Plumber.

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Required Books 

The list of references approved for the exam display to the Right. In addition, there are downloadable documents that are available, free of charge, but selecting the links below.

Americans with Disabilities Act

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  • Pre-approval from the state is required to sit for the examination.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Please note that the Georgia Business and Law exam is NOT required to obtain your Georgia Journeyman Plumbers license.
  • There are no state mandated minimum financial requirements for this license at this time.
      • Applicants must be able to document at least 3 years of plumbing experience, to qualify for the Journeyman’s exam.
      • The experience may be either primary experience or secondary experience. Education is considered secondary experience and counts as follows:
        • A diploma from a technical school in Engineering Technology may be credited as no more than 2 years of Secondary Experience
        • Completion of a certificate program at a vocational-technical school may be credited as no more than 1 year of Secondary Experience.
      • Primary Experience shall mean working experience gained through the direct installation of plumbing systems, which would include; but not be limited to:
        • (a) Installation of plumbing pipes and fixtures by a plumbing contractor, master plumber, journeyman plumber, plumbing foreman, plumbing superintendent, and a military plumber with a rank of at least a 3rd class petty officer or E-4 noncommissioned officer,
        • (b) Mechanical engineer or design by a registered professional engineer having responsibility for follow-up project inspection.
      • Secondary Experience shall mean work experience gained while engaged in work or training related to the installation of plumbing.
        • Examples of Secondary Experience may include; but not be limited to:
        • (a) Installation of plumbing pipes and fixtures by a plumbing apprentice, trainee, or helper;
        • (b) Plumbing work performed by a maintenance employee;
        • (c) Instruction on plumbing installation, theory, and code by a fulltime secondary or post-secondary instructor;
        • (d) Inspection of plumbing by a full-time municipal or county inspector;
        • (e) Mechanical engineering or design by a registered professional engineer without having responsibility for project inspection;
        • (f) Estimating plumbing work for a plumbing contractor.

This license allows for the installation, maintenance, alteration, and repair of plumbing fixtures and systems under the direction of a Master Plumber.

Information & Applications for Master Plumber and Journeyman Plumbers licenses may be obtained from:

Construction Industry Licensing Board

Division of Master Plumbers and Journeyman Plumbers

PO Box 13446

Macon, GA 31208 Phone (478)207-2440

A non-refundable application fee of $30.00 must accompany the completed application.

App. Deadline         Exam Reg. Date         Exam Window

Dec 29, 2021           Feb. 21, 2022            Apr. 4 - 16, 2022

Apr. 19, 2022           May 25, 2022            Aug. 1 - 13, 2022

        TBA                        TBA                   Dec. 5 - 17, 2022

Important Contacts

Information & Applications for Conditioned Air, Electrical, Low Voltage, Plumbing & Utilities as well as information for Building Contractors licenses may be obtained from:

Construction Industry Licensing Board
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217
(844) 753-7825

The State Testing Agency is PSI

PSI Licensure: Certification
ATTN: Examination Registration GA
3210 E Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(800) 733-9267

To schedule an exam for any Technical Trade License (Electrical, Low Voltage, Conditioned Air, Plumbing, Gas) contact:


18000 W. 105th Street
Olathe, KS 66061
phone: 800-345-6559
Fax: 913-895-4650

Georgia currently does not have reciprocal agreements with any state for Plumbing classifications.

 To qualify for renewal, conditioned air contractors, electrical contractors, and plumbers must have completed continuing education.

  • Persons holding a conditioned air contractor license, electrical contractor license, or plumber license must complete at least 4 hours per year of instruction related to their profession. Courses must be conducted by a college, vocational-technical school, or trade association. Conditioned air and electrical contractors may also complete courses conducted by a utility or equipment manufacturer.


    • The testing company is AMP.
    • The exam is offered six times per year. It is a closed book, timed test with 100 weighted questions and a 5-hour time limit.
    • It is a two-part test with 2.5 hours allowed for each part. The exam is multiple-choice.
    • A score of 70% is required to pass the exam.
    • The exam fee is $143.
    • If you should fail the exam twice, you must complete a state approved training course before testing again.

      Veterans may have 5 to 10 points added to their exam scores by submitting documentation that they served a minimum of one year in active duty status and must have served during a period of conflict or war for a minimum of 90 days. Or, discharged for an injury or illness that occurred in the line of duty and the disability is officially rated.

      • The examination covers questions pertaining to the following categories:
      • Comply with General Laws
      • Comply with Regulations
      • Work Planning / Organizing
      • Perform Pipe Cutting & Joining Activities
      • Perform Plumbing Systems Installation Activities
      • Perform System Testing Activities
      • Perform Maintenance and Repair Activities
      • Safety Related Issues
      • Calculations During Installation

    American Contractors is currently in development of several Plumbing courses, online practice exams, home-study courses and educational CD's to help individuals prepare for State Plumbing exams. We currently do not offer a Georgia Plumbing seminar.