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Roof Framing by Marshall Gross; The first book that explains roof cutting — from simple to complex; published by Craftsman Book Co March 1989. This is the complete guide to framing any gable, Dutch, Tudor, California, gambrel, shed or gazebo roof — including irregular roofs that can stump even experienced roof cutters. The author takes you through every measurement and every cut on each type of roof so you understand exactly what’s required. He actually builds a model of each roof described, and recommends that you do the same. When your model matches the author’s model, you’re an experienced roof cutter for the type of roof just completed. With this manual you are not restricted to rafter lengths and pitches listed in those rafter tables that roof cutters have struggled with for years. Instead, the author explains how to use an inexpensive hand-held calculator to figure any common, hip, valley or jack rafter length in seconds — including rafters on irregular roofs and rafter pitches or lengths that aren’t in any rafter table. Anyone who knows the methods described in this practical manual should have no trouble making a good living as a master roof cutter.


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