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NFPA 72-07: National Fire Alarm Code®, 2007 Edition

Stay on the leading edge of alarm system advances with the
2007 NFPA 72®!

Heightened risk awareness and changing safety dynamics have revolutionized the role of alarm and signaling systems in protecting life and property. At the same time, sophisticated technical advances and solid research findings have improved their ability to meet the new demands. It is in response to and out of this dynamic environment that the 2007 edition of NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code® has emerged.

Technology- and research-driven changes offer improved egress time and system reliability.

  • Developed at the request of the U.S. Air Force, a new Mass Notification Systems Annex provides guidelines to facilitate fast, safe evacuation in emergency situations such as fire, terrorist attack, biological and hazardous chemical incidents, accidents, and natural disasters.

  • Added requirements for new technology equipment, including video image smoke and flame detection, multi-criteria and multi-sensor devices, fire extinguisher monitors, and directional appliances

  • New guidance on visual notification in large space occupancies

  • Updated rules for spacing of smoke detectors in joist and beam and small room applications

  • New requirement to provide a Response Time Index for heat detectors

  • New provisions for strobe synchronization when installing visible notification appliances

  • New requirements for household fire warning applications, including smoke alarms with voice and expanded smoke alarm coverage for larger size homes

Update your knowledge based on today’s environment so you can provide the high level of fire protection society deserves. Order your 2007 National Fire Alarm Code today. (Softbound, 273 pp., 2007)


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