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National Electrical Safety Code 2007 (Special Order)


Published exclusively by the IEEE, the 2007 NESC is the single most important document for safeguarding persons against electrical hazards during the installation, operation and maintenance of electric supply and communication lines. More importantly, it contains extensive updates and critical revisions that directly impact the power utility industry. Adopted by law by the majority of states and Public Service Commissions across the US, the NESC is a performance code considered to be the authoritative source on good electrical engineering practice, for over 90 years. This standard covers basic provisions for safeguarding of persons from hazards arising from the installation, operation, or maintenance of 1) conductors and equipment in electric supply stations, and 2) overhead and underground electric supply and communication lines. It also includes work rules for the construction, maintenance, and operation of electric supply and communication lines and equipment. The standard is applicable to the systems and equipment operated by utilities, or similar systems and equipment, of an industrial establishment or complex under the control of qualified persons. This standard consists of the introduction, definitions, grounding rules, list of referenced and bibliographic documents, and Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the 2007 Edition of the National Electrical Safety Code. The 2007 version of the code has been updated in many ways. Some of the topics that have been changed involve: Metal grounding poles Starting voltages and clearances Grounding and insulation for guys Clearances between transmission lines Multiplex cable attachment to neutral brackets Loading due to freezing rain and wind Fiber-reinforced polymer elements Worker loads Equipment bonding Arc exposure analysis Antenna radiation exposure limits In addition, the 2007 version includes new appendices on loading and conductor movement, extreme wind loading, and maximum over-voltage at a work site. IEEE


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