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Precision Framingqjknk.r

Precision Framing by Mike Guertin and Rick Arnold; published by Taunton Press January 2002.

Mike Guertin and Rick Arnold have spent 20 years developing their field-tested framing techniques and Precision Framing is the result. This is their “manual” packed with tips, advice and shortcuts that prove that good construction does not have to slow you down. In fact, investing a little extra time during the early phases of construction will actually save you time and money later.

Whether you’re framing your first house or 51st, Precision Framing will help you improve the way you work with techniques to build squeak-free floors, frame straight walls, safely work with roof trusses, plan ahead for subcontractors, and create site-built tools for fast and accurate measurements.

Step-by-step instructions, 200 color photographs, and more than 40 detailed drawings show how to frame efficiently and accurately, from the mudsill to the roof.

Developed as a guide for the authors’ crews, from basics to finishing Precision Framing combines common sense, good engineering, and craftsmanship. Custom framers who strive for excellent results and labor efficiency can utilize these procedures as is or adapt them.


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